The Botwood Railway

Anglo Newfoundland Development Company

The Botwood Railway

ANDCo #15a (1)

The Railway to Botwood was a result of the Reid Newfoundland Company being hard to deal with. Originally the shipping port for the mill at Grand Falls was supposed to be Lewisporte. In fact it was through Lewisporte that most of the machinery and materials used to build the Grand falls mill were shipped.

The Botwood Railway was not originally the brainchild of the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company. The Botwood Railway was originally planned by the Albert E. ReedCompany to ship pulp from its mill at Bishop’s  Falls out of Botwood. The REED Company was not on overly good terms with the REID Newfoundland Railway due to the latter company’s worries and subsequent arbitration that the dam built for the Reed mill could potentially damage the railway trestle at Bishop’s Falls (Understandable because it was the third one built there). So rather than have to use the…

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