Two Year Anniversary

WordPress informed the other day that I had been posting this blog for two years. So in two years and…

From an Up Country Trickle to a Down River Roar- The Log Drive in Central Newfoundland.

Most peoples knowledge of log driving probably comes from the old National Film Board vignette of the “Log Driver’s Waltz.” What is amazing is that many of us may have been watching that and not know that just a few kilometers away an actual log drive was taking place on the Exploits River.

Resettlement in Our Backyard.

Every so often somebody asks me if I am related to :”so and so Marsh that lived somewhere in Grand Falls”-usually the answer is no. Though there were a couple of families with my last name in Grand Falls in the early years, if I am related to them its from back in England. My family came from a tiny village that is not there anymore and nobody has ever heard of.